Doll Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Hello doll amigurumi lovers…
The recipe we will share today will be the doll recipe. Dear amigurumi lovers, we share many amigurumi recipes in detail with you.
It is really nice to knit Amigurumi doll recipes. Doll is a model that you will enjoy knitting. Make sure your kids will have a good time when this pattern is finished. I’m sure everyone would love to knit a doll. There may be different doll recipes, but I can say this is the sweetest.
Amigurumi doll will help your children to enjoy playing games.
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ch – air loop

MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi magic ring

sc – single crochet

DC – double crochet

PSS – half-column with a crochet

inc – incibavmagic ring

dec– decаmagic ring

sl-st – connecting column

pp – front hinges of the postmagic ring

zp – rear hinges of the postmagic ring


İncyazha your choice;

Body: skin color

hair wool

Hook for your incyazhu, I have 2mm

electric inductor

beaded fiber

Plastic container for base

Blunt eye embroidery needle and thread in desired colors

Ribbons for decoration, artificial flower


Color of the skin

1-6sc in MAGİC RİNG

2-6inc = 12

3- (1sc, inc) * 6 = 18


6- 1sc, popcorn, 16sc= 18


8-8dec, 2sc=10


İncnote: insert incode, do not


LEG (2)


1 – 6 ch at MAGİC RİNG.

2-6inc = 12

3- inc, 5sc, inc, 5sc = 14

4-7. 14sc. Further turning rows.

8-12. 6sc, ch and turn

(our incyazha should be on the left side in

last row.)

13- collect 24 sc around the heel and nose.

5sc side, 9sc front, 5sc side, 5sc

magic ring

14 – 5sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc, dec, 3sc, dec = 20

15 – dec, 2sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 3sc, dec, 2sc = 16

16- 5sc, 2dec, 7sc= 14

17-22. 14sc, insert inco-wire and fill.

23 – inc, 13sc = 15


25-1inc, 14sc=16


27-inc, 15sc=17

28-30. 17sc, (fill)

Feet incocontinuation

27-3sc, 2dec, 10sc=15

(abbreviations at the back)


29- 9sc, 4inc, 2sc= 19 (knee 4inc)


31-4x,1v,5x,4a, 1x=16x

(Knee reduction 4a)

32-34. 16sc

35- 5sc, inc, 10sc = 17


37- 6sc, inc, 10sc = 18


39-7sc, inc, 10sc=19


41-8sc, inc, 10sc=20

42- 10sc, inc, 9sc = 21


44-9sc, inc, 11sc=22


46- 10sc, inc, 11sc = 23


48- 11sc, inc, 11sc = 24


The first leg is over, cut off the thread.

We do not cut the thread on the second leg.


1-2 legs – 6sc, 2ch, connect with the first

leg, 24 sc on the first leg, 2sc on ch,

24sc on the second leg, 2sc on ch.

Here we put a marker.

So your left foot is facing

us her first st will be our first



3- 16sc, (inc, sc) * 10, 16sc= 62 (inc behind)

4-7. 62sc

8- 15sc, dec, 12sc, M, 12sc, dec, 16sc = 58

(dec on the hips, M – 2nd dec on the back – 3st together)

9- 15sc, (dec, sc)*4, M, (sc, dec)*4,16sc=48

body incocontinuation

10.23sc, dec, 23sc=47

11.14sc, dec, 14sc, dec, 15sc = 45

12. 5sc, dec, 29sc, dec, 7sc = 43

13- 20sc, inc, sc, inc, 20sc = 45

14-27. 45sc

28. 11sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 10sc, dec,8sc=42

We tie our hands. (must be

magic ring, finger in turn)

29. 12sc, 2sc on arm and body

simultaneously, 18sc, 2sc

arm and body, 8sc= 42

30. 11sc, dec (1st body + 1st hand)

6sc by hand, dec (1st hand + 1st

body), 16sc, dec(1st on the body + 1st

by hand), 6sc by hand, dec (1st

hands + 1st body), 7sc= 50

31. 2dec per magic ring each hand, 2dec each

front and back evenly = 42

32. Do 4 dec in a circle (pmagic ring, front, pmagic ring, back). = 38

33. (3sc, dec)*7, 3sc= 31

34. (2sc, dec)*7, 3sc= 24

35. (2sc, dec)*6 = 18

36. (sc, dec)*6 = 12

5 rows 12sc.


1 – 9 o’clock

2- from 2 loops from hookmagic ring, inc, 6sc, 5sc

in one loop, 6sc, inc = 21

3- 2inc, 5sc, 7inc DC, 5sc, 2inc = 32

4- 10sc, (sc, inc)*5, 12sc= 37

We knit 4 pieces. Cut out the plastic

it will be placed between two

soles, which we combine scpo


Then for zp we knit in a circle 37PSN.

Boot toemagic ring



3-6inc = 12sc

4- (2sc, inc)*4 = 16

5-8. 16sc

9 – further for the tongue we knit magic ring turning rows, ch,turn,

8sc, turn, ch

8sc, turn, ch

8sc, turn, ch

8sc, turn, ch

8sc, turn, ch

8sc, turn, ch

İncish it on shoes.



We find exactly 25st

behind and behind pp we will

to knit. (12 loops

remain in front free).

1-25sc, ch, turn

2-11sc, dec, 12sc, ch, rotation = 24

3-dec, 20sc, dec, ch,turn

4-dec, 18sc, dec, ch,turn = 20

5-dec, 16sc, dec, ch turn = 18

6-18sc, ch turn

7-18sc, finish.

main color

tie around the tongue,

at the corners of 2sc.

Put on the laces and



body color

1. 6sc in MAGİC RİNG

2.6inc (12)

3. ( sc, inc )*6 (18)

4. (2 sc, inc) * 6 (24)

5. (3 sc, inc) * 6 (30)

6. (4sc, inc)*6 (36)

7. (5 sc, inc) * 6 (42)

8. (6 sc, inc) * 6 (48)

9. (7 sc, inc) * 6 (54)

10. (8 sc, inc) * 6 (60)

11-24. 60sc

25. (8 sc, inc)*6 (54)

26. (7 sc, dec)* 6 (48)

27. (6 sc, dec)* 6 (42)

28. (5 sc, dec)* 6 (36)

29. (4 sc, dec) *6 (30)

30. (3 sc, dec) * 6 (24)

31. (2 sc, dec) * 6 (18)

32. (sc, dec)*6 (12)


1-61ch from 2 loops.


3-Color change. (3 DC in one st, 2 st inc)*20 times =60

4- switch to the main color.

6 ch, sl-st (st) 60 sc to end of row

5-6. 60 sc to the end of the row, ch,turn

7 – 6ch, ss (loop), 60sc to end

row, ch, turn 8-60sc

9- on the collar inco knit 60cc others

This episode of magic ring ends with


Dress inccontinuation

1 – 10sc, 6ch, 10st inc, 20sc,

6 ch, 10st inc, 10sc, ch, turn

2 –52sc, 2ch, ss (further knit on circle)

3 – inc DC in magic ring each st, ss

4 – 2ch, (DC, inc DC)* to the end poison, ss

5 – 2ch, (DC, inc DC)* to end of row,ss

6 – 2ch, DC to the end of the row, ss

7 – (3DC with one peak, 2ch)* up to end of row, ss.

8-11- 2ch, sc to end of row.

12 – DC in magic ring each DC and ch, ss

13 – sc to the end of the row.

14 – another inc ss to the end of the row


1.12DC in MAGİC RİNG, ss, 2ch

2- 12inc DC, ss, 2ch = 24

3- (DC, inc DC)*12,ss, 2ch=36

4- (2DC, inc DC)*12, ss, 2ch = 48

5- (3DC, inc DC)*12, ss, 2ch=60

6-10. 60DC, ss, 2ch

11-sc, to the end, 2ch.

12- (DC, inc DC) * to the end of the row, ss,2ch

13-(DC, inc DC)*to the end of the row, ss,2ch

14-(2DC, inc DC)*to the end of the row, ss,2ch

15 – DC to the end of the row

16-change color: stride step, to the end row.


1 – 8 ch, from 2 loops, 7sc, ch, turn

18 rows knit for sn 7sc, ch,turn

2 – Fold in half and knit together 7sc

Magic ring

1 – 19 ch, from 3 loops from hookmagic ring –

16DC, 2ch, turn

2-6 – 16DC, 2ch, turn

Another incident

15DC on the two edges of our

knitting, 2ch turn

Then we knit 2 decDC with magic ring each

hand, 2ch turn, magic ring not

there will be 1st, only 6 rows.

Link the same mesh to another

sides. Decorate your bag taste.

Kurtmagic ring

İncnote: the thickness of our knitting inc and knitting jackets and

given the tightness of our hands, we should not knit tightly.

1-42 ch.

2-41sc, 2ch and turn

3 – 2DC, inc DC to end of row, ch, turn = 54

4- 54sc, 2ch and turn

5 – (4DC, inc DC) to end of row, ch and turn = 64

6- 12sc, 5ch, 11st inc, 18sc, 5ch, 11st inc skip, 12sc, 2ch, turn.

7- DC to end of row, ch, turn

8-52sc, 2ch and turn.

9- sc to the end of the row

10- All coats around 2 DC, inc DC(body is over.

In place of the collar we knit sc)

Kurt magic ring p magic ring

1-19sc, 2ch

2-7. DC to end of row, ss, 2ch

8- color change. (3DC, inc DC) to the end of the row, ss,2ch

4 rows DC, ss, 2ch finished.


1-for sn sc to end of row, 2ch, turn

2- DC to end of row, ch, turn

3-(2sc, inc) to end of row, 2ch, turn

4- DC to the end of the row

So, we are starting the magic ring.

We knit in a circle another incyazhey ss, see photo.

Eyes 8*6st, eyebrows 8st, nose 3st.

We embroider on a photo.

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