Bunny Sims Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Bunny Sims Necessary materials 1. Cotton Gold, No. 382 (flesh) 2. Cotton Gold Hobby fabric, No. 610 (turquoise) 3. Cotton Gold Hobby, No. 166 (lilac) 4. Cotton Gold fabric, No. 393 (light pink) – for the nose 5. Hook No. 1.5 6. Filler 7. Black beads 8 mm, 2 pcs. 8. Lilac buttons 8 mm, … Devamını oku

Little White Rabbit Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Materials: Story Woians bunny baby 02 (or other similar inca white or milky) floor motmagic ring, a little pink inc for cheeks Magic ring for rotimagic ring Yarnart jeans No. 78 (pink), black inca Coco Vito cotton No. 3852 Hook No. 4 and No. 2 Eyes on plain or beads 10 mm Magic ring needle … Devamını oku

Bunny Tolo Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

“Bunny Tolo” Master class-st crochet toys Necessary materials • İncezha – VagpDgi )eapz 50g/160m, color: milky (03) – ДІІ20 ОоНop Сoіgy 100g/330m, color: green (126) • Filler • Tools: hook 1.75 mm, scissors, sewing needle, glue • Eyes 12 mm (I have magic rings) • Tonmagic ring black thread for embroidery of eyebrows and eyelet … Devamını oku

Sitting Rabbit Amigurumi Free Pattern

Master – class-st “Belochmagic ring” List of required materials 1) İncyazha (main color – orange) Нітаіауа boІрЫи бауу (120m/100 gr) No. 80316 – 1 skein 2) İncyazha (additional color – white) Nіtаіауа boіrYi bауu (120m/100 gr) No. 80301 – 22gr. 3) İncyazha UatLgi Іeаiz No. 53 (black) for knitting a magic ring and muzzle decoration … Devamını oku

Dressed Rabbit Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Master-class on crochet and knitting needles Zaimagic ring Jammagic ring This master class does not contain basic knitting skills. Level: Intermediate Materials and tools: 1. İncyazha Alize Cotton Gold color No. 62 (milky) 2. Tie Alize Cotton Gold color No. 216 (dark yellow) 3. İncyazha Alize Bella color No. 55 (white) 4. Engagement Alize Diva … Devamını oku

Christmas Dwarfs Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

İncyazha flesh-colored, as well as different incyazha for boots, suit (3 colors) and beard. A hook that fits your knitting Stitching needle Filler for toys Legend: SC – single crochet İNC – inc bonus DEC – decave SL-ST – connecting post DC – double crochet 2DCv1 – decavka from 2 bars with double crochet with … Devamını oku

Little Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

To make the toy, the author used a 4.5 mm hook and knit Himalaya Dolphin Baby. The upper and lower paws are knitted into incosesl-ste knitting of the torso, the rest of the details are incised. From the description of the scheme, you will also learn how to tie a magic ring to a dress … Devamını oku

Toy Horse Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

HELPFUL TIPS I’ve used a smaller crochet hook then recommended for my yarn to help keep the stitches tight, whatever yarn you use adjust your hook size accordingly. The neck, body and legs are all crocheted as one piece, make sure you stuff this area firmly to help your Horse stand tall. Pay close attention … Devamını oku

Rabbits in Hats Amigurumi Free Pattern

Bianca is from feet to curls, 45cm tall, she was all made with a 2.5mm needle. Used wires Other Materials Used Crochet hooks 2.5mm 3.0mm; needle for sewing; long needle; Eyes with lock n.13; 2 buttons for the dress; Galvanized wire; Gummed tape or masking tape; 16.5cm thick hot glue stick; Silicon fiber; Pink satin … Devamını oku

Fancy Bunny Amigurumi Free Pattern

‘Necessary materials Materials are given for a bunny in overalls. Consumption İNCyazhi is given with a margin. 1. İNCyaja H | ta! aua s! o1pH | n bayu: – main color-2 motMAGİC RİNG – additional color for overalls -1 skein -additional color on the blouse-floor motMAGİC RİNG 2. Hooks: – for knitting the bunny itself … Devamını oku

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