Dirty Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

By using magic ring materials, you you will get a magic ring toy measuring 26 cm to the top of the head and 29 cm including ears. Necessary materials: 1. Yarnart Dolce fabric: primary color 1.5 – 2 mmagic ring (depending on knitting density), a little pink (for paws), black colors to highlight eyes and … Devamını oku

Little Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Materials: White (body), brown (body, spots), blue (eyes) yarn: — 150 meters / 25 grams, 100% mercerized cotton (For reference: I used Iris from PNC named after Kirov.) A little black floss for the eyes Sintepon Hook 2 mm Sewing needle Abbreviations: X: single crochet V: 2 single crochets from one loop Ʌ: 1 single … Devamını oku

Hello Blue Cat Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Tools and materials: 1. İncyazha YarnArt JEANS No. 62 (1.5 motmagic ring). 2. İncyazha YarnArt JEANS No. 90 (a little). 3. İncyazh YarnArt JEANS No. 55 (1/3 motmagic ring). 4. İncyazha Alize baby Softy No. 55 (a little) 5. Filler holofiber and so on. 6. Felt white, black, gold. 7. Hook No. 1.75mm. 8. İncovolomagic … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Cute Rabbit And Cat Free Crochet Pattern

Necessary materials: 1. Any incyazha that you are accustomed to knitting (I have jarnart jeans, half of the magic ring). 2. A hook suitable for your incyazh (I have it No. 2.0). 3. Black sewing thread for the muzzle and eyebrows. 4. Eyes 8 – 9 mm. PAY ATTENTION that my eyes are glued, I … Devamını oku

Amigurumi Colorful Cute Cats Free Crochet Pattern

Materials: 1) YarnArt Jeans 2) hook 2 3) eyes on the safe mount 6 mm 4) filler holofiber 5) thread Iris (black) Time 1 hour. Legend: MAGİC RİNG – amigurumi ring ch- air loop sc – single crochet inc – incibavmagic ring dec – decаmagic ring PSN – half-column with double crochet DC- double crochet … Devamını oku

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