Handbag Amigurumi Free Crochet Pattern

Crochet bag made from spaghetti yarn: diagram and description

We crochet a simple but very creative bag using spaghetti yarn! Scheme of a bag knitted from knitted yarn

For this bag you will need spaghetti yarn at least 2 cm wide. The bag needs to be tight. Alternatively, you can knit in two threads to achieve the required stiffness. You will need one or two spaghetti spools, a couple of handles and a 12mm hook. You can make spaghetti yarn yourself using scraps of knitted material. We cut strips from it, and then sew it by hand or on a sewing machine.

Stylish knitted bag made from spaghetti yarn

Crochet pattern and description


ch – air loop

sc – single crochet

dc – double crochet

conn. st – connecting post

Step 1: Bag Base

Start with 8+1 stitches to make a width of 11 cm. Then turn and sc until you have a rectangle of the desired size. We recommend not making the bag too big, but sticking to approximately this size: 11 x 25 cm

Row 1: Begin sc in the round, adding 1 sc in each of the 4 corners. (to increase, tie two sc in each corner column)

Rows 2-18: Continue working in the round, in a spiral pattern, until you reach your desired bag height.

Step 2: Connect the corners of the bag

Mark the 4 corners of the bag (check the number of stitches on each side of the crochet bag) with a contrasting color.

Insert your hook into the 2 corners on the left (left side of the bag) and tie them together using 2 sc. Don’t knit too tight! Next, knit sc to 2 corners of the bag on the right, repeating the process – connect the two sides of the bag, inserting the hook into both corners and knitting 2 sc. Work sc to left corner and complete row. Complete the next connection. Art.

Step 3: Handles

Attach the handles to the bag by sewing them to the knitted fabric using the so-called “running seam”. Wrap the handles with yarn and fasten with the connector. Art. Continue wrapping (from left to right and right to left) and knitting the connection. tbsp until the handles are completely covered. Fasten the thread and hide the ends of the threads in the knitted fabric.

To make the project look complete, make a simple lining and hand sew it into your knitted bag.

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