Amigurumi Skirt Mouse Crochet Free Pattern


Dear amigurumi knitting fans, today we have prepared a cute mouse recipe for you. Our skirted mouse is very cute and cool.
You can have this cute mouse too.
Then you can review our recipe and start knitting.
Good knitting…

Ears (2 pcs.)


2) 6 inc (12)

3) (1SC, inc)*6 (18)

4) 1SC, inc, (2SC, inc)*5.1SC (24)

5) (3SC, inc)*6 (30)

6) 2SC, inc, (4SC, inc)*5, 2SC (36)

7) (5SC, inc)*6 (42)

8-12) (5 rows) 42 SC

13) (5SC, dec)*6 (36)

14) 2SC, dec, (4SC, dec)*5, 2SC (30)

15) (3SC, dec)*6 (24)

16) 1 SC, dec, (2 SC, dec) * 5.1 SC (18) Finish knitting.

Leave the thread for incishing.

Fold the ears in half and sew the base.


We knit the bottom where with turning rows:

1) 3 hours

2) 2 inc, ch (lift loop)(4)

3) inc, 2SC, inc (6)

İnc and tightening the muzzle, we find a point in the center of the muzzle below the eye for 9-10 rows (choose the most successful location of the mouth in the resulting mouse head), put a pin. We count 2 columns of the magic ring in incavo and to the left and put it on a pin. These three points are pulled away from the eyes with magic rings and between each other.

We lay the thread from the center point to the point where the nose is located (we pull it a little).

We incise the lower one in the resulting corner.

Boots (2 pcs.) sole

1) cast on 9 ch: from 2 loops from hook magic ring 7 SC,

3 SC in one loop, on the other side: 6 SC,

inc (18)

2) 2 inc, 4 SC, 5 inc, 4 SC, 3 inc (28)

3) (1SC, inc)*2, 4SC, (1SC, inc)*5, 4SC, (1SC, inc)*3


4) (2SC, inc)*2, 4SC, (2SC, inc)*5, 4SC, (2SC, inc)*3


5) 48SC

The sole of the magic ring boots is ready. The soles need to be steamed with an iron (through the magic ring).

To make the transition from the sole to the sides of the magic ring boots at an incline angle, 6 row (48 SC) is knitted by columns (not by loops)

Next, we knit in the usual way for the loops of the next row 7 and 8 rows without changes (48 SC).

We put insoles and weighting agent (optional).

Magic rings can also be glued to the insole.

9) (6SC, dec)*6 (42)

10) 10 SC, 9 dec for rear p/p, 14 SC (33)

11) (9 SC, dec)*3 (30)

12) 7 SC, 6 dec, 11 SC (24) We tied the shoe, we begin to knit the leg in gray

13) for rear p / p (2 SC, dec) * 6 (18)

Next, we knit according to the scheme (from the 13th row of the scheme).

On the front p / n 13 rows we knit ss, forming the edge of the shoe magic ring.


We make magic ringрmagic ring from the tail: cut off a piece of soft not

of a very thick inco-wire of the required length and fasten one side over the 9th row of the body to the main magic ring-magic ring.

On the next row, work an inc-wire in the center of the torso.

We tightly and carefully wrap the drawn out inco-wire with incs of the desired color, fixing the winding with glue (it is better to use the “crystal moment”):

– start the winding from the end of the magic ring of the tail and lead to the body,

– then back from the body, but not reaching the end of the magic ring 2/3 of the length of the tail,

– and again to the body.

Adjust the tension of the thread to form a smooth transition in the thickness of the tail.



2) 6 inc (12)

3) 12SC

4) 3 dec, 6 SC (9)

5) 3 dec, 3 SC (6)

Finish knitting. Leave the thread for incishing.

İncishivaem between 19 and 20 rows of the head in the center.

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