Amigurumi Chocolate Girl Crochet Free Pattern

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Today, I would like to give you some information about the Amigurumi free Crochet Pattern from our daily posts;

List of materials:

Yarn Pekhorka Delicate white and tan (seems to be discontinued),
replacement for Pekhorka Hemp No. 01 and 1002
Yarn Pekhorka Linen No. 393 and 38
Three-core cable about a meter.
Adhesive plaster
A hook for yarn or one that is convenient for you to knit, I have 1.25
Threads are strong and a needle for tightening.
Eyes 5 mm
A little bit of white fabric for the whites of the eyes.
Fabric for dressing 20*25 cm, thread, sewing needle, button.
Toning – black thin marker or helium pen, oil paints or
oil pastel dark brown.
Materials can and should be changed at your discretion, the main thing is
keep the footage.
Ch- air loop
Sc- single crochet
Add – add.
2 ch. of which 8 sc
2-4 rows – in a circle (8)
5p- 7 sc, lush column (4 columns with a crochet from one loop connect
together) (8)
6-19r- in a circle (8)
Cut the thread. Link the second.
The body is knitted.
We start with the legs with white yarn:
8 ch: in the 2nd loop-6 sc, 3 sc from 1 loop, 5 sc, inc (16)
2p-inc sc, 5 sc, 3 inc, 5 sc, 2 inc (22)
3r-1 sc, inc sc, 5 sc, (1 sc, inc) * 3 times, 5 sc, ( 1 sb, inc) * 2 times (28)
4-5 rows – in a circle (28)
6p-5 sc, (1 sc, dec)*6 times, 5 sc(22)
7p-5 sc, 6 dec, 5 sc (16)
8p- 5 sc, 3 dec, 5 sc (13)
9-13r- in a circle (13) 5 rows
Change the thread to body.
14-18 p- in a circle (13) 5 rows
Tie the second leg and do not cut the thread. Knit 3 sc and dial 7 ch.,
connect with the second leg symmetrically.
Twist the frame of the body from the wire, wrap it with a plaster. Insert inside.
Stuff the carcass as you knit.
19r- 13 sc on the leg, 7 sc on the air loops, 13 sc on the leg, 7 sc on
20p – 37 sc and put a stamp. Now here is the beginning of the series. This is pop.
21r-( 4 sc, inc) * 8 times (48)
22-30r-in a circle (48) 9 rows
31r- (6 sc, dec) * 6 times (42)
32-34r-in a circle (42)
35p-(5 sc, dec)*6 times(36)
36-37r- in a circle (36)
38r- (4 sc, dec) * 6 times (30)
39-40r- in a circle (30)
41r- 6 sc, 3 sc along the handle and body together (we knit), 12 sc, 3 sc along the handle and
body together (we knit), 6 sc (30)
Pay close attention to the position of your thumbs on the handles. On both
should look up.
42p- 6 sc, 5 sc on the handle (remaining loops), 12 sc, 5 sc on the second handle, 6
43r- in a circle (34)
44p-7 sc, 2 dec, 12 sc, 2 dec, 7 sc (30)
45r- (3 sc, dec) * 6 times (24)
46r- (2 sc, dec) * 6 times (18)
47р-(4 sc, dec)*3 times (15)
48- 50r- in a circle (15) 3 rows
51r- (4 sc, inc) * 3 times (18)
52r- (2 sc, prib) * 6 times (24)
53r- (3 sc, prib) * 6 times (30)
54r- (4 sc, prib) * 6 times (36)
55r- (5 sc, prib) * 6 times (42)
56r- (6 sc, prib) * 6 times (48)
57r- (7 sc, prib) * 6 times (54)
58- 70r- in a circle (54) 13 rows
71r- (7 sc, dec) * 6 times (48)
72r- (6 sc, dec) * 6 times (42)
73r- (5 sc, dec) * 6 times (36)
74r- (4 sc, dec) * 6 times (30)
75r- (3 sc, dec) * 6 times (24)
76r- (2 sc, dec) * 6 times (18)
77r- (1 sc, dec) * 6 times (12)
Decave to the end and close.
2 ch. of which 4 sc. Do not close.
Sew to the head.
Bast shoes:
Knitted from dark linen yarn.
10 a.m. : in the 2nd loop – 8 sc, 3 sc from one loop, 7 sc, inc (20)
2p- inc, 7 sc, 3 inc, 7 sc, 2 inc (26)
3p-1 sc, inc, 7 sc, (1 sc, inc)3 times, 7 sc, (1 sc, inc) 2 times (32)
4p-2 sc, inc, 7 sc, (2 sc, inc) * 3 times, 7 sc, ( 2sc, inc) * 2 times (38)
5p-for the far wall (38)
6-7p- circle (38)
Cut out the insole from cardboard and glue it inside.
8p-7 sc, ( 2 sc, dec) * 6 times, 7 sc (32)
9p- 7 sc, ( 1 sc, dec) * 6 times, 7 sc (26)
Cut and hide the thread.
Tie long ropes and several threads tied together. Dress up
bast shoes on the leg and tie ropes around the leg so that the shoes do not fall off.
We insert the needle at point 1 and withdraw it at point 3, we try to capture inside
more filler. To get cheeks.
We retreat one loop to the left, to the bridge of the nose, and insert the needle. Output at a point
1, tighten and tie a knot.
Insert the needle at point 2 and withdraw at point 4.
We retreat one loop to the right, to the bridge of the nose, and insert the needle. Output in
point 2, tighten and tie a knot. We cut the thread, hide the ends in
We embroider the nose at the location of the white needles. Enter into one
we bring it to another and so on in a circle until a noticeable spout is formed. In
while tinting, cover it well with paint.
Where is embroidered in place of the mouth with a rococo seam:
In places of eye tightening, we glue squirrels from white fabric, 1 * 0.7 cm in size
(depending on the size of your toy).
In the middle we glue a plastic eye or glass 5 mm (varies
on the size of your toy).
With a thin marker or black gel pen, outline the squirrels and
draw eyelashes.
Hair is tied in a loop. Cut the threads 15-16 cm long,
Fasten to the head quite often to get a rich head of hair.
When all the hair is on the head, cut it. Align Length
shoulder length hair. I made them from light linen yarn.
Рdecаха pattern:
Attention: Shelves 2 parts – upper right corner (not marked on
a photo).
Pattern without seam allowance + 0.7 or 1 cm.
It is better to sew and put on the dress before you make your hair, otherwise it will
impossible to pull. It should turn out to be too big – this is butrmalno.
From the dark linen yarn with which the bast shoes were knitted, we twist the tourniquet and
make a belt out of it. Sew on a button.
If you want dirty Kuzya, like mine, then cover him abundantly
toning: clothes, hair, shoes.
Do not forget to squeeze oil paints onto a piece of paper first,
so that the oil contained in them is absorbed. Only then, apply dry
with a brush, little by little, rubbing well. Let the toy dry
during the day.
Oil pastels can be used immediately.

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